Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD


Resolutions Ordinance Resolutions
2007-R-01 Dumm's Corner Development Proposal Letter 2007-OR-01 Cable Franchise-Verizon Maryland Inc.
2007-R-02 Special permit application MUTC letter of recommendation 2007-OR-02 Compensation of elected officials
2007-R-03 Production of minutes for town council meetings 2007-OR-03 Amendment of Chapter 55 Rental Licensing and Inspection
2007-R-04 Publishing & archiving electronic documents 2007-OR-04 Replace the appeals procedure in Chapter 56
2007-R-05 New MUTC members 2007-OR-05 Housing Standards Chapter 67
2007-R-06 Adoption of Roberts Rules 2007-OR-07 Amendment of Chapter 57-26 Street Improvements, minimum standards
2007-R-07 Recommending to reject a special exception-permit to install gasoline pumping
2007-R-08 To commend Gerad Kiernan for his service
2007-R-09 retroactive publication and archiving electronic documents
2007-R-10 To support special permit #060001
2007-R-11 Affirming that the MUTC Devel. Plan & Zoning Map repr

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