Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD


Resolutions Ordinance Resolutions
2008-R-01 Lease purchase agreement with Marquette Bank 2008-OR-01 Concerning organizational & supervisory responsability for code enforcement activities
2008-R-02 To Support passage of MD Senate Bill 44 2008-OR-02 Concerning multifamily rental licensing & inspection application fee
2008-R-03 Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement 2008-OR-03Concerning parking on unpaved and unprepared surfaces
2008-R-04 Limit liquor sale in town 2008-OR-04 Concerning Violations and penalties for the unlawful disposal of dead animals
2008-R-05 Formation of a Spanish-Language Outreach Committee 2008-OR-05 Concerning obstructionof public places
2008-R-06 Honoring long standing RP resisdent Paul Gleis 2008-OR-06 Concerning cuttingof weeds at owner's cost
2008-R-07 Pick up and drop off zone for RP Elementary School
2008-R-08 To recognize the town's Dog park Advisory Committee
Charter Resolutions
2008-CR-01 Amendment to Article II, Section 204

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