Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD



Ordinance Resolutions
2009-R-01 Consideration of furloughs 2009-OR-01 Fee for filing a petition for any town elective office
2009-R-02 Resolution of formal invitation 2009-OR-02 School Zone Speed Monitoring System
2009-R-03 Lease purchase agreement with Marquette Bank
2009-R-04To Authorizing a red light camera program in the Town of Riverdale Park
2009-R-05 To form a committee for Riverdale Park dispute and conflict resolution
2009-R-06 Resolution in direction in good standing with cool cities
2009-R-07 Regarding pick up and drop off zone designation for riverdale elementary school
2009-R-08 Regarding Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department
2009-R-09 Town Debt Policy
2009-R-10 Regarding Community Center Advisory Committee
2009-R-11 Appointment of acting town administrator
2009-R-12 Resolution of direction providing special assistance towards the Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department
2009-R-13 Enterprise zone map amendment
2009-R-14 Regarding a Census Committee
2009-R-15 Service Agreement with Optotraffic
2009-R-16 Equipment purchase agreement financing with State Bank of Manhattan
2009-R-18 MOU with the M-NCPPC

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