Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD



Ordinance Resolutions

2010-R-01 To nominate members to the MUTC

2010-OR-01 Not Adopted
2010-R-02 To authorize a mutual aid agreement for police protection 2010-OR-02 School Zone Speed Monitoring System
2010-R-03 To support the Town's Community Development Block Grant CDBG Application 2010-OR-03 Not Adopted
2010-R-04To express interest in pursuing a resident ridership program with UM for the use of Shuttle-UM 2010-OR-04 Not Adopted
2010-R-05 Regarding the protection of Wells Run 2010-OR-05 Removal of tall vegetation Chapter 68: Weeds
2010-R-06 To authorize participation in the Montgomery County Inter-Agency Group for the supply of electricity 2010-OR-06 Repeat Offenses of Chapter 36: garbage, refuse and trash
2010-R-07 Regarding Inter County Connector Enviromental Mitigation 2010-OR-07 Removal of tall Vegetation Chapter 57: Streets and Sidewalks
2010-R-08 To take action on an EYA development program for townhouses in Riverdale Park 2010-OR-08 Concerning Dance Halls
2010-R-09 to Authorize the Town Administrator to sign the Empower Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) 2010-OR-09 Defined Benefit Pension Plan-Investment Guidelines
2010-R-10 Petitioning the Administration and the Maryland General Assembly to reinstate state shared revenues
2010-R-11 To authorize Mayor to nrgotiate an agreement with Wachovia Bank regarding application SP-060003-01
2010-R-12 To authorize Mayor to enter into negotiations with M-NCPPC for the purchase of two town-owned lots on 6400 block of 51st Avenue
2010-R-13 Support for Town's Chesapeake Bay Trust grant application for rain gardens
2010-R-14 Supporting State Legislation to enable residents to ride Shuttle-UM
2010-R-15 To approve an updated MOU with City of Hyattsville and Town of University Park regarding protection and preservation of Wells Run.
2010-R-16 To approve the hiring of a cotracted sworn police officer and to increase the cap on number of police

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