Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD

2013 Resolutions

2013 Ordinance Resolutions

2013-R-01 A resolution regarding the time and place for the Town election 2013-OR-01 An ordinance regarding redistricting
2013-R-02 A resolution to authorize paper ballots for the Town election 2013-OR-02 An ordinance regarding Town charges and fees
2013-R-03 A resolution to establish a filing fee for the Town election 2013-OR-03 An ordinance regarding Jey's Auto- Acquisition by Eminent Domain
2013-R-04 A resolution to establish a candidate filing deadline for the Town election 2013-OR-04 An ordinance regarding the FY 2014 budget
2013-R-05 A resolution regarding speed hump policy 2013-OR-05 An ordinance regarding personnel policy
2013-R-06 A resolution to appoint and establish compensation for election officials for the Town election 2013-OR-06 An ordinance regarding business licensing
2013-R-07 A resolution to confirm and clarify appointment and terms of Ethics Commission members 2013-OR-07 An ordinance regarding bond issuance
2013-R-08 A resolution to support the preferred alternative design for the Youth and Community Wing project 2013-OR-08 an emergency ordinance regarding an amendment of Ordinance 2013-OR-07
2013-R-09 A resolution to support a Public Art Initiative in Riverdale Park 2013-OR-09 An ordinance to authorize TIF bonds for bridge
2013-R-10 A resolution authorizing the use of a consent agenda
2013-R-11 A resolution concerning Calvert Tract Development District
2013-R-12 A resolution to appoint members of the Board of Election Appeals
2013-R-13 A resolution rejecting SHA Requirements along Route 1 for the Cafritz Project
2013-R-14 A resolution to appoint members of the Board of Election Appeals
2013-R-15 A resolution regarding Retail/Commercial Tenant Grant Program
2013-R-16 A resolution regarding the intent to reimburse for expenses related to the issuance of a bond
2013-R-17 A resolution regarding I-Net  
2013-R-18 A resolution regarding the establishment of a CSX Quiet Zone
2013-R-19 Not introduced  
2013-R-20 A resolution regarding the delay of implementation of certain provisions of the personnel policy  
2013-R-21 A resolution regarding M Square DSP-05080/01  
2013-R-22 A resolution regarding the Town's Community Legacy application  
2013-R-23 A resolution to confirm and ratify the Town Administrator's appointment  
2013-R-24 A resolution regarding the purchase of police vehicles  
2013-R-25 Not introduced  
2013-R-26 A resolution regarding support of the Prince George's County Municipal Collaboration FY 2014 MEA EmPOWER LMI Communities Grant Application and DHCD Sustainable Communities-Community Legacy Grant Application  


Charter Resolutions

Charter Amendment Resolution 2013-CR-01 A resolution concerning issuance of debt

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