Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD


2014 Resolutions

2014 Ordinances

2014-R-01 regarding William Wirt Middle School 2014-OR-01 regarding chain link fences
2014-R-02 endorsing Funding Request in County Budget for Welcome Center 2014-OR-02 to amend the franchise agreement with Comcast of Maryland
2014-R-03 regarding removal of 5010 Somerset Street from restricted or permit parking 2014-OR-03 Not Introduced
2014-R-04 regarding handicapped parking in from of 4900 Riverdale Road 2014-OR-04 regarding street improvements standards
2014-R-05 a resolution towards Commercial Code Compliance within the M-U-TC Zone 2014-OR-05 regarding the FY 15 budget
2014-R-06 regarding the establishment of a Local Purchasing Preference Policy 2014-OR-06 to amend the FY 14 budget
2014-R-07 regarding the establishment of a Sustainable Purchasing Policy 2014-OR-07 regarding General Business Licensing
2014-R-08 regarding Riverdale Park M-UTC Zone 2014-OR-08 to amend the FY 15 budget
2014-R-09 regarding Root Cause Analysis for water supply failure at Riverdale Towers 2014-OR-09 regarding fence height
2014-R-10  concerning Prince George's County's maintenance and improvements to the stormwater management system in Riverdale Park  

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