Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD

2018 Resolutions 2018 Ordinances

Resolution 2018-R-01 establishing the Town of Riverdale Park’s vision and commitment for sustainability

Ordinance 2018-OR-01 regarding Ethics Ordinance Revisions
Resolution 2018-R-02 defining the Town of Riverdale Park’s Economic Development Fund and the eligible uses thereof Ordinance 2018-OR-02 regarding the Town Personnel Manual
Resolution 2018-R-03 establishing and allocating initial funding for three (3) economic development grant programs under the Town of Riverdale Park's Come Grow With Us!grant programs Ordinance 2018-OR-03 regarding Rental Licenses
Resolution 2018-R-04 regarding Celebrating Business Initiative Ordinance 2018-OR-04 regarding Appeals of Town Administrative Decisions
Resolution 2018-R-05 establishing the Town of Riverdale Park's vision and commitment for business and Economic Development Ordinance 2018-OR-05 regarding Housing Code Appeals
Resolution 2018-R-06 establishing the Town of Riverdale Park's vision and commitment for infrastructure Ordinance 2018-OR-06 establishing Redevelopment Zone Initiative Incentive Program
Resolution 2018-R-07 concerning Ethics Commission- Appointment of Members Ordinance 2018-OR-07 establishing Go Green Initiative Incentive Program
Resolution 2018-R-08 regarding Nominations for Riverdale Park Mixed-Use Town Center Design Review Committee  Ordinance 2018-OR-08 regarding Chapter 68, Weeds Rubbish, and Garbage Maintenance
Resolution 2018-R-09 establishing the Town of Riverdale Park's vision and commitment to Arts and Recreation Ordinance 2018-OR-09 regarding Chapter 15- Building Code Revisions
Resolution 2018-R-10 establishing the Town of Riverdale Park's Health and Wellness Fund Ordinance 2018-OR-10 regarding FY2019 Financial Plan and Budget
Resolution 2018-R-11 establishing the Accessory Structure Grant Program  
Resolution 2018-R-12 regarding revision to the Acessory Structure Grant Program  
Resolution 2018-R-13 regarding Job Description for Director of Public Projects and Services  

2018 Charter Amendment Resolutions

Charter Amendment Resolution 2018-CR-01 regarding voter registration and elections

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