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Accessory Structure Grant Program

This grant helps Town residents repair and /or replace accessory structures on their property, which includes, fences, detached garages, and sheds.  This program allows for residents to replace chain-link fences with fences of different materials. The purpose of this program is to enhance the overall appearance of residential properties for quality housing and neighborhoods.

Eligible Applicants - Any owner-occupied single-family residential property in the Town for which all property taxes and other financial obligations to the Town are paid.

Geographic Boundary - R-55 Zone (Single-Family Residential)

Maximum Award - Grant not-to-exceed $1,000 per property per year.

Open Application Period - Applications are accepted on a continual basis. 

Required Match -
Awardees must demonstrate the applicant’s dollar-for-dollar match (1:1).

Use Restriction - Ineligible uses include any work performed on primary structures or other non-accessory structures on the premises and any work to repair chain-link fences.

Limitation - This program does not waive any permit or development related fees imposed by the State, County, or Town.

This program is subject to funding availability and the Town reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel this program at any time with or without notice.

1. The program will be promoted through the Town’s established outreach programs.

2. Applications will be reviewed and approved for funding by staff team under the direction of
     the Town Manager.

Application Forms: