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Business Improvement Grant Program

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As part of the Partners in Economic Recovery Program, the Business Improvement Grant program is accepting applications with limited interior work that serves to attract commerce in addition to the previously qualifying projects. 

*The eligible uses for this grant program have been expanded to include outdoor seating expenditures. For businesses with limited outdoor seating space, please call Development Services about exploring additional options.*

This matching grant program aids businesses seeking to improve facades, hardscaping, landscaping, exterior signage, or other exterior work that enhances building aesthetics and image to attract commerce.  The grant now also accepts applications for customer-facing interior work. 

Eligible applicants include any for-profit business within commercial or mixed-use zones in Town that is compliant with State, County, and Town requirements. All taxes and fees must be current at the time of application and remain current as a requirement of the grant. A claw-back provision applies.

Maximum Award -
Grant not-to-exceed $2,500 for eligible applicants.      

Open Period - Applications are accepted on a continual basis. 

Required Match -
Awardees must demonstrate the applicant’s dollar-for-dollar match (1:1). Proceeds from other Town grant programs may not be used towards the match requirement.

Use Restriction - Ineligible uses of this grant includes; interior improvements, structural repairs, or roof repairs.

All programs and initiatives are subject to funding availability and the Town reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel this program at any time with or without notice.

Program Administration:

Up to four (4), two-thousand-five hundred-dollar ($2,500) grants may be made in FY 2020. This program is funded by the Economic Development Fund.

1.  The program will be promoted through the Town’s established outreach programs.
2.  Applications will be reviewed and approved by the staff team.

Application Forms: