Town of Riverdale Park MDRiverdale Park, MD
 2012 Resolutions 2012 Ordinance Resolutions
2012-R-01 A resolution regarding Madison Hill Parking Permit Area 2012- OR-01 An ordinance concerning revisions to new ethics ordiance
2012-R-02 A resolution regarding Comcast Cable frachise renewal negotiations 2012-OR-02 An ordinance concerning parking permit
2012-R-03 A resolution regarding town council approval of purchases and contracts 2012-OR-05 An ordinance concerning general obligation refunding bonds
2012-R-04 A resolution regarding the contract between Paul Mortesen and the Townof Riverdale Park for design services for the Youth and Community Wing project 2012-OR-06 An ordinance concerning Town Employee Post-retirement Health Insurance Benefits
2012-R-05 Resolution opposing MARC scheduling change that downgrades at the Riverdale MTA stop 2012-OR-07 An ordinance concerning Mayor and Council member salaries
2012-R-06 A resolution adopting a public works mutual aid agreement 2012-OR-08 An emergency ordinance concerning dumpsters and storage receptacles on residential property
2012-R-07 A resolution about Cafritz property public hearing 2012-OR-09 An ordinance concerning dumpsters and storage receptacles on streets, sidewalks and other public property
2012-R-08 A resolution about Cafritz  property public hearing 2012-OR-10 An ordinance concerning FY2013 budget and tax rates
2012-R-09 A resolution to ensure the stable and efficient operation of Town Government while correcting a long-standing ambiguity of section 622 of the Town Charter, and regulating. 2012-OR-11 An ordinance concerning FY 2013 Budget Amendment
2012-R-10 A resolution regarding MUTC Design Committee 2012-OR-12 An ordinance concerning FY 2013 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Budget Amendment
2012-R-11 A resolution concerning the Town of Riverdale Park taxable refunding bond of 2012  
2012-R-12 A resolution concerning
Madison Hill permit parking area
2012-R-13 A resolution concerning restatement of town employee defined benefit plan   
2012-R-14 A resolution concerning altering town policy on communications with residents  
2012-R-15 Resolution not introduced  
2012-R-16 Resolution not introduced  
2012-R-17 A resolution to purchase the property known as Jey's Auto  
2012-R-18 A Resolution supporting participation in the Sustainable Maryland Certified Municipal Certification Program  
2012-R-19 A Resolution requesting assistance from the Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation in the review of matters related to preliminary plan of subdivision, detailed site plan and permitting of roads as part of the Cafritz project.  
2012-R-21 A Resolution Towards Greater Transparency and Paperless Governance  

Charter Resolutions

Chapter Amendment Resolution No. 2012-CR-02 A resolution concerning issuance of debt
Charter Amendment Resolution No. 2012-CR-03 A resolution concerning debt limitation




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