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Neighborhood Safety Improvement Grant Program

Taking Neighborhood Safety into Account – Surveil And Protect

Town of Riverdale Park Neighborhood Safety Improvement Grant Program (NSIGP): Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) (pronounced sep-ted) is the use of internationally recognized building and landscape designs to proactively deter criminal acts and unsociable activity from taking place in and around the building you occupy. If the opportunity to apply CTED principles is missed during the design phase, it can be easily applied to existing buildings, and this is the purpose of this grant program. Applying some of these principles can significantly reduce the opportunities for criminal acts to occur. This grant program is focused on an area that has seen substantial disinvestment. Most of the properties in this area were constructed in the 1960’s and since then have experienced historically low private investment, while public investment also requires refreshing.

  • Eligible Applicants: The program is open to current or potential building owners, business owners, developers, or other entities within the designated geographic boundary who are interested in projects that will promote or improve the safety of the area.
    • If the applicant is not the property owner, written consent from the property owner must accompany the application.
  • Geographic boundary: East of the Anacostia River and south of East-West Highway.
  • Maximum award: Grant not-to-exceed $2,500.
  • Open period: Applications are accepted on a continual basis. Applications are reviewed every other week by the Town’s Grant Review Committee
  • Required Match: Awardees must demonstrate the applicant’s dollar-for-dollar match (1:1). Proceeds from other Town grant programs may not be used towards the match requirement.

All programs and initiatives are subject to funding availability and the Town reserves the right to amend, modify, or cancel this program at any time with or without notice.

Program Administration:


  • This program is funded by the Economic Development Fund.


  • Application – Submit your completed application form, project description, estimated costs, a photo of the area to receive attention (i.e., back alley, poorly lit areas, areas with obstructed views, etc.).
  • The Review Committee will decide within 14 days of receiving the complete application, and confirmation will be provided to the applicant in writing.
  • Once written confirmation has been received by the applicant, on-site work can begin.
  • When the project is completed, a project inspection is carried out and a grant check will be issued.

Additional Information:

  • Funding will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis until the annual program budget is depleted.
  • Applications are reviewed case by case, and the Review Committee reserves the right to refuse any application.
  • Applications for funding must be received prior to the commencement of construction. No funds will be provided for projects that are complete or in progress at the time of application.
  • Projects must be completed within six months of application approval unless other arrangements have been made with the Town.
  • Approval for funding does not substitute permits required by Prince George’s County or the Town of Riverdale Park.
Application Forms:

For more information about the program, please contact Ryan Chelton at rchelton@riverdale or 240-825-5333.