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Resolutions8 documents

  • 2019-R-01
    document Header 2019-R-01
    Vision and Commitment for Transportation
  • 2019-R-02
    document Header 2019-R-02
    For the purpose of confirming appointments, and establishing compensation, for Judges for Town election 2019
  • 2019-R-03
    document Header 2019-R-03
    For the purpose of appointing members of the Board of Election Appeals for the Town Election on May 6, 2019
  • 2019-R-04
    document Header 2019-R-04
    A resolution regarding the Main Street Maryland Affiliate Program
  • 2019-R-05
    document Header 2019-R-05
    Regarding amendment to Accessory Structure Grant Program
  • 2019-R-06
    document Header 2019-R-06
    Regarding CKAR Sarvis Cafe Project
  • 2019-R-07
    document Header 2019-R-07
    Vision and Commitment to Professional and Well-trained Employees
  • 2019-R-08
    document Header 2019-R-08
    A resolution regarding Go Green Grant Program

Ordinances12 documents

  • 2019-OR-01
    document Header 2019-OR-01
    An ordinance regarding the 2019 Town Election
  • 2019-OR-02
    document Header 2019-OR-02
    An ordinance concerning business licensing
  • 2019-OR-03
    document Header 2019-OR-03
    An ordinance concerning wireless telecommunications facilities in public right-of-ways
  • 2019-OR-04
    document Header 2019-OR-04
    An ordinance regarding the sale of 4603 East West Highway
  • 2019-OR-05
    document Header 2019-OR-05
    An ordinance regarding FY2020 Budget and Tax Rates
  • 2019-OR-06
    document Header 2019-OR-06
    Regarding wireless telecommunications facilities design guidelines
  • 2019-OR-07
    document Header 2019-OR-07
    Correcting the codification of the provisions of Ordinance 2019-OR-03
  • 2019-OR-08
    document Header 2019-OR-08
    Repealing Chapter 22- Clubs
  • 2019-OR-09
    document Header 2019-OR-09
    Regarding Noise Control
  • 2019-OR-10
    document Header 2019-OR-10
    An ordinance concerning possession of weapons
  • 2019-OR-11
    document Header 2019-OR-11
    An ordinance concerning camping
  • 2019-OR-12
    document Header 2019-OR-12
    An ordinance concerning school zone speed limit

MotionsNo documents

Charter Amendments1 document

  • 2019-CR-01
    document Header 2019-CR-01
    Charter Amendment - Procurement and Piggybacking