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Common Violations

Common Property Standards Violations

Property maintenance is vital in reducing blight, improving the appearance and quality of the neighborhood, and promoting a safe environment. Listed below are common property standards violations that negatively impacts the community.  

1.  Overgrown Grass and Weeds – In the Town Code, property owners must not allow grass and
      weeds in their yards to grow over 10 inches in height. It is important to cut down overgrown
      grass and weeds to eliminate a place of harborage for rodents and other pests. 


2.  Open Storage of Garbage and Rubbish – All property areas must be free from accumulation
      of garbage and rubbish. These materials may lead to insect and rodent infestation, trip
      hazards, potential fires, and public nuisances. Please ensure that your property is clear of
      garbage and rubbish. For information on trash collection, please contact Department of
      Public Works at (301) 864-1803.


3.  Chipping, Peeling, and Flaking Paint – Besides appearance functions, paint serves as a 
      protective treatment for certain types of surfaces. Paint helps protect wood and metal
      finishes from rot or rust. For older homes (built prior to 1978), chipping, peeling, flaking paint
      may contain lead paint, which has significance health and safety risks. Please contact the
      Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) at (410)-537-3000 about lead paint safety


4. Damaged Accessory Structures – Accessory structures include, but not limited to, fences,
     garages, retaining walls, and sheds. Since these structures are not primary, sometimes
     maintenance is not a priority, leading to neglect and diminishing overall appearance and value
     of the property.


 5. Missing Address Numbers – Buildings must have proper address numbers for       
       identification purposes. Emergency personnel (fire, police, medical, etc.) rely on address
       numbers to quickly locate buildings to respond to the public. Address numbers must contrast
       from its background, and be legible and visible from the street, with a minimum height of four
      (4) inches and 0.5 inches in width.



Riverdale Park Town Code (Chapters 67 and 68)
International Property Maintenance Code (2015)

Note: All images shown are stock photos. None of the images are properties in the Town.
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