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Administrative Hearings & Disciplinary Reporting

Administrative Hearing Procedures

All disciplinary procedures and Administrative Hearing Boards are conducted pursuant to the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBR), Public Safety Article §3-101 through §3-113.  The hearing shall be conducted by a hearing board and open to the public unless the chief finds a hearing must be closed for good cause.  The Board will accept evidence that is relevant and material to the facts of the respective case, including reliable hearsay.  The Board will exclude all evidence which it deems incompetent, irrelevant, or immaterial.  Each party will be permitted to call witnesses and be permitted to cross-examine the opposing party’s witnesses and present rebuttal evidence.  Each party will be given the opportunity to give a closing argument. 

Pursuant to the LEOBR, Public Safety Article §3-108, the Administrative Hearing Board will issue written Findings of Fact to the Chief, consisting of a concise statement upon each issue in the case.  A finding of not guilty to charges will terminate the hearing and the allegations against the respondent officer.  Upon a guilty finding by the Board, the Board will make a recommendation of penalty to the Chief.  Under the LEOBR, Public Safety Article §3-108, the Chief has final authority to impose penalty.  The Final Order and Decision of the Chief is binding and may be appealed to the Circuit Court under the LEOBR statute, Public Safety Article §3-109. 

Administrative Hearing Rules of Conduct/Order

•       All electronic devices inside the administrative hearing room shall remain off and no        electronic device may be used to receive, transmit, or record sound, visual images, data, or other information. 
•        Food and drink are not permitted in the hearing room.
•        Broadcasting of the hearing is not permitted.
•        Talking while the hearing is in session is not permitted.
•        Interacting with those involved in the hearing is not permitted.
•        Smoking is not permitted in the hearing room.
•        Conduct that interferes with the proceedings is not permitted.

Anyone who does not comply with these rules is subject to removal from the proceedings.

Administrative Hearing Board Schedule

Internal Affairs Number      Date      Time      Location

     *There are no hearings scheduled at this time.

Disciplinary and Serious Officer Involved Incident Reporting Pursuant to  State Law (HB1016)

2021 Report Submitted to MPTC
2020 Report Submitted to MPTC
2019 Report Submitted to MPTC 
2018 Report Submitted to MPTC
2017 Report Submitted to MPTC