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Business and Economic Development

The Town of Riverdale Park's vision and commitment to business and economic development supports business attraction, retention, and expansion; and

The Town desires to be the location of choice for diverse business and economic development that compliments the unique character of Riverdale Park, thereby adding to the Towns financial sustainability; and

The Town seeks viable and long-term employment centers, research and development facilities, technology and green industries, retail centers, and service businesses that add to the quality of life for Town residents, thereby creating opportunities to work near one’s home, to shop local and to enjoy the benefits of local service providers; and

The Town seeks the expansion of the commercial tax base among a broad range of ownership which in turn lowers the tax burden on the Town’s residents and builds a layer of protection in times of slow growth thereby creating a competitive advantage; and

The Town desires to liaise with regional business organizations as well as with non-profit, Federal, State and County partners; to hold membership in professional groups, to design public policy that assists in the attraction, retention, and expansion of business; and support operations, programs, initiatives, legislation and resources that further establish and nurture a thriving business and economic development climate.