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Office of Development Services

Areas of Service:

      • Permitting and Licensing
      • Economic Development
      • Neighborhood Improvement
      • Community Development 


The Office of Development Services (ODS) seeks to improve economic and livability standards to position the Town of Riverdale Park as a leading destination for quality housing and neighborhoods.

ODS embraces community, investment, professionalism, quality of life, and safety to ensure that the Town is a growing and welcoming place to live, work, and visit.    

  • Community Educate and collaborate with the public to create impactful solutions. Successfully meet the public’s needs through proactive and responsive service.  
  • Investment Secure strong public-private partnerships and administer programs and initiatives to encourage economic development, revitalization, and sustainable growth.
  • Professionalism Adopt sound policies and procedures that reflect the Town’s values. Incorporate personnel development to support efficiency and service delivery.
  • Quality of Life Strive for clean and well-maintained properties to improve the environment and living conditions.
  • Safety – Uphold standards to protect the health and welfare of life and property.

The ODS Team, in partnership with residents, businesses, and organizations, promotes communities, protects investment, and provides safety to achieve quality housing and neighborhoods.