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Neighborhood Improvement

Vision and Commitment to Housing and Neighborhoods 

  • Housing and neighborhoods need to be welcoming, safe, and inclusive; where people feel safe and comfortable; where diversity is a shared and celebrated value, and residents are engaged with the community and their government; and
  • Housing and neighborhoods need to foster a sense of place, pride, and community identity; where assets are recognized and strengthened; where historic houses and the character of neighborhoods are valued; and
  • Housing and neighborhoods need to be clean, well-built, and maintained, free from crime, and where the private and public sector invest; and
  • Housing and neighborhoods need to be healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly; where residents participate in refuse and recycling programs and enjoy attractive, walkable and accessible neighborhoods, have access to amenities such as parks and playgrounds, and benefit from positive social interaction; and
  • Housing and neighborhoods are recognized as the foundation upon which healthy communities are built, and in support thereof, the Mayor and Town Council are committed to operations, programs, initiatives, legislation and resources that further establish and nurture housing and neighborhoods throughout the Town.