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Parking Permit Program

The Parking Permit Program allows residents of the Town of Riverdale Park to park their vehicles on the street in some designated restricted areas. The program is governed by Town Code Chapter §64-13. The purpose of this program is to maximize the availability of parking for Riverdale Park residents while discouraging long-term parking on residential streets. 

Compliance: Parking permit placards must be visibly displayed while parked on-street in designated restricted areas. The Riverdale Park Police Department will issue parking citations to any vehicles not in compliance with the parking permit program.  The town ordinance has established parking permit zones. Residents must display a placard for their perspective zone when the vehicle is parked on the street. 

Use Restriction: The parking permit program only applies to on-street parking. Vehicles parked on private property, in a garage, or driveway do not require parking permits.

 Parking permits are valid for two (2) years.

Cost:  The cost is twelve dollars and fifty cents ($12.50) per placard; with a maximum of two for Zone 2 per household and a maximum of four per household in Zone 4 per household.  Replacement fee is $12.50 per placard.

To obtain a parking permit placard(s) you will need to: Email or click on the application below. 

Click here to begin the application process!

If you have any questions regarding the Parking Permit Program, please email or call (301) 927-4343.